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Software for eye-care professionals

Clinic+ handles the entire patient journey for your eye healthcare clinics

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Better Collaboration

Is the clinical data for your patients stored in your Point of Sale?

Having a combined Point of Sale and eye examination solution have been the industry standard for decades - and still is. But with GDPR and increased health data regulations we believe that splitting the commercial and clinical data is the right way to go into the future.

Best of breed - Having a separate clinical system and a POS means you can select the best from both worlds. The POS no longer needs special eye health care requirements and standard modern solutions can be used. 

With Clinic+ we handles the entire patient journey - Booking, Examination, Optical orders, Clinical correspondence and we send the finished order to the POS. 



Clinic+ is designed from the start as an international cloud based solution for optical chains of all sizes. Connect stores or clinics in multiple countries with different languages.


Build in support for different languages per user and for clinics in different countries. 

Clients regional settings (SSN, address, phone etc) are handled based on clinic location.

Modern technology

Clinic+ is created based on latest industry standard technology.

Cloud based, run in your browser, single sign on.


With best of breed strategy, Clinic+ is s small piece of your companies entire IT solution, and extensive collaborations with other systems are needed.

A large library of Rest API's are created to handle this integrations - and more can be made.


Different countries have different solutions for communicate with other health institutions. Denmark have Sundhedsdatanettet, Norway have Helsenett etc. 

In Clinic+ we have already integrated several of these solutions making it possible to send Letters, Referrals and Epicrisis electronically. 

Design your own journals

With journals being the heart of Clinic+ we have added a huge effort into making the most flexible and advanced journal possible. 

Different examinations require different journals and in Clinic+ - our journal designer tool can let you design your own journals. 

No development

Wysiwyg designer

Total freedom

Some of our success stories 

Prooptics have a long history in supplying IT solutions to the eye health care industry. 

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